2day @ Star Asylum

this is where i admit the crimes i commit. this is where I confess what i wear without a care was a mess, at the very best. this is where i beg for your compassion, for my crimes against fashion. I have worn two different colored socks (with sandals and a smock). I have dressed way too far outside of the box. I have worn fishnet pants while climbing endangered marine life moss covered rocks. I have worn battery operated Christmas Lights down by the Marina Del Rey Docks, I have worn a necklace and hat made out of parts from old grandfather clocks. I have worn ears that look like Spock’s. (and it wasn’t Halloween, if you know what I mean. Let’s just say it was on the edge of obscene) This is just the start of wearing my sleeve on my heart and the admitting of my committing a horrible fashion bashing. I await your tongue lashing so I can find some peace, to say the very least. I want to wash my conscious clean of this fashion disease. Waiter, my check please. — Dr. Muther Moose (by spider hacksaw)


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