My love for Lana Del Rey. It begins with her album title Born to Die. It is something that seems to contradict her album cover and most persons would attribute such a title to hardcore thrash metal. But i find in my own research and her lyrics that Lana Del Rey recognizes the essential truth of existence, that we are all born to die. I myself have spent some time pondering and studying the essence of death throughout existence within this current form/sack of matter, with regards to the part of the human mind that fears death because it is the part that does die, while there is a deeper presence within the mind that one finds, usually with meditation, that can be realized fully as eternal, it is the non ME, the non temporary silent stillness that is, if not a part of god, then the entirety of god. (note: i speak not of a god that can be labeled or owned by any religious group or doctrine, but the god that is not discernible or deformed by the human ME/YOU/US) At its least, Death is merely a costume change, a return backstage, to the nothingness. At its greatest, death is not just what we are born for, but what we are.


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