from: Dystopia by spider hacksaw

Lock Crick is abandoned by his parents at the age of four. His mother, Marybell leaves him with her sister, Ladybug Pudge, and her sister’s family, to be raised on their family’s farm.
A year after his arrival, Lock’s older cousin, Gideon Pudge, is diagnosed with brain cancer. Aunt Ladybug and Uncle Avon, choose to ignore medical treatment and instead pursue healing by God through the power of prayer, as prescribed by their church pastor.
Gideon Pudge dies a horribly agonizing death several months later, screaming from his bed in the attic, as Aunt Ladybug and Uncle Avon, pray night and day for a miracle. He is six years old.
Gideon is buried in the county Cemetery behind the farm. Lock turns five years old and he is now alone with his Aunt and Uncle.
Ladybug’s grief enters its full bloom. She begins to imagine that Lock is Gideon’s ghost, and that he is terribly lonely and if they do not find brothers and sisters for him, he will leave forever.
To ease his wife’s suffering, Avon Pudge begins kidnapping children. Boys and girls that resemble Gideon and Lock are what she prefers. He travels long distances to find the perfect opportunities to snatch the perfect children. Then he brings each one back, as a sacrifice to Ladybug’s insanity, in hopes that it will make her happy. Just as Ladybug hopes it will make Gideon’s ghost happy.
Within a year Ladybug reaches her point of no return. She hangs herself in the attic bedroom where her only child died, screaming as she prayed to an absent God.
Uncle Avon buries his wife alongside his son in the county cemetery. That night he goes to bed and sleeps for several days. When he wakes up, the Uncle that Lock had known is dead. He has been replaced by a monster, wearing his Uncle’s flesh. A monster named Avon Pudge.
The abuse of the orphan children intensifies from that day forward, as the monster tries to temper its own suffering with the infliction of suffering upon the rat child, or children, as they infest his home and the farm and properties he has now inherited from his dead wife’s family.
Years crawl by, like worms through a glass earth.
And now, at the age of nineteen, after a year in prison for the accidental killing of a hitchhiker on a dark country road in the pouring rain, Lock Crick has returned home, to the small town of Halo, to the farmhouse in hell, and to his orphan brothers and sisters.
It is here, upon this Halloween night and the eve of winter’s bane,
that we begin….


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