(a) KING for a Day (dream)(nightmare)

KING for a Day. i had a dream late last night, perhaps it was a nightmare. I was adopted by Stephen King and his two sisters, who turned out to be Anne Rice and Agatha Christie. My name was Spider King and I was so insanely happy because I was a King. We were driving around the abandoned planet earth, now known as Halloween World and we were pretending to sell Avon door to door as we searched for a place to find shelter among this seaside resort of boarded up mansions before a mega tornado arrived. It was a nuclear tornado that had been moving across the ocean from radioactive Japan since the whole country had been destroyed by mutant dolphins created by the 2011 meltdown and the radiation leaking into the dolphin slaughtering Cove. They were called Dolphinzillas by the Japanese, all of whom were now dead. But the rest of the world called them Killazillas, because they were essentially seeking revenge and killing those that had killed them. But it turned out that the Killazillas weren’t satisfied with revenge on their Japanese slaughterers, they wanted revenge on all of humanity for the destruction that humans had caused to the planet. And the Killazillas weren’t alone, there were other mutant earth creatures seeking revenge, like elephant sized Honey Bees, mutated by insecticides. Anyway, our little group of survivor writers were all dressed up in costumes because this was Halloween World now, a dimensional variation of earth. Stephen King was dressed up as a Vampire Mark Twain. Anne Rice was Lissie Borden. Agatha Christie was in this wicked cool Queen of the Alien Breed costume. And I had a McDonald’s cardboard cup-holder tray, duct taped to my face. Not a great costume, but at least i was a King. We were in a mad dash to break into an old abandoned mental asylum just as darkness was falling and a thick ghostly fog rolled in….. (to be continued) (note: this was a dream, any resemblance to characters/persons real or imagined is purely fictional and wholly within the mind of the dreamer)


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