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 i hope Dr. Leper and Nurse Noxzema let me out of the asylum to go watch  The Cabin in the Woods   film this Friday the 13th with my invisible imaginary friend(s). “It looks slicker than cold blood on a slaughterhouse cement floor in January”, as my grandmother used to say. I will wear my Stephen King rubber mask and Mr. Giggles can wear my Edgar Allan Poe rubber mask. And whatever chaperone accompanies us, male or female, can wear my Agatha Christie rubber mask. I always wear rubber masks in public. State of the art of course. It should be a hoot of a god sent good time. — from spider hacksaw, still dreaming and drooling nightmares into words @ my lovely madhouse, Noosehearse Asylum – by the sea. ( this bio hazard warning has been approved by Your Zombie Mom @dropthezombiebomb.com / a spider hacksaw website behind the mind )  Dystopia by spider hacksaw – read it & scream. @ amazon.com/author/spiderhacksaw


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