Emotional Guardrail ( lyrics by spider hacksaw )

“We drove all night by cigarette light, no seat belts or compartments for gloves, we went way over the speed limit in the fast lane of love, just a hint of confession and a bloody vapor trail, i hit it hard, your emotional guardrail, got mind blinded by your emotional guardrail….crossed the double yellow line, just in time, to find, I’d been saved, by your emotional guardrail, half my heart in the grave, my cement shoes had been paved, before i was saved, by your emotional guardrail, now I’m your eternal slave, and we make love lemonade, all day and all night, by cigarette light, some might call us a sin, but the game you never play is the one you can’t win, we can’t escape the temptation of our skin, so why try, so why try, so why try, can’t wipe my shoe clean of the love I’ve stepped in, can’t wipe this face from my under grin,  from here to eternity, I promise my loyalty-to-thee, i love you now and I’ll love you again and again and again, from the flowerpot to the dustbin, from the playpen to the coffin, from the moment I take my first breath to the last time I exhale, I was saved by you, and your strength to be frail, i was saved by you, when I was stamped Fail, I was saved by you and your emotional guardrail….” —-spider hacksaw


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