when i die

i wanna die alone in an apartment on the top floor in a heat wave from a brain aneurysm heart explosion combo and lay there undiscovered until my body breaks down from decay and maggots and i start to ooze blood and guts through the floor and drip into the ceiling light of the neighbor below me while he’s watching dancing with the fucking stars and i drip into his cup of yogurt and he almost eats me but smells the sweet evil stench of rotting flesh just before he wraps his fish hooked lips around the spoon of fruit imbued creamy delight and he gets up and calls the landlord and they trolly bobble their fat fuck fart filled asses up to my room and knock and knock and knock and buzz and buzz and buzz before finally letting themselves in….. to the unwelcoming stink of my busy buzzing fly swarming, maggot warming, liquid puddle of skin and flesh jello, now unfused from the wreckage of my bones. Then the downstairs neighbor realizes how much my rotted carcass reminds him of his yogurt and he projectile vomits his yogurt with fruit chunks into my pile of yogurt resembling remains. And when the body removers come to remove my gore, they have to scoop and scrape and chisel my hard dried gravy guts from the filthy floor into a bucket, which will then be dumped into a medical toilet and flushed to the sea. Where i will serve myself as supper to the mother from which i was born. The only home i’ve even known since my birth, my glorious loving cannibal, my mother earth.


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