adulated faction in subcutaneous vessel
worn across the wasteland morgues
fixated saliently appropriate and donned upon
clawed salivary stationary
i sentence, i sense this, i sentence you to this
engraved symmetrical sympathetic symphonies of notion
argued neither here nor not-here but instead
i sentence you to be
i sentence you to thee
i sentence you to be thee
eternally internal

i infiltrate your sight
through eyes blind-dead, shaved by sunlit razor
i follow closely to the rivet-bed
along from where
the lines form calmly corrosive gentle-nulls
i sentence
i sent this
i sentence this
to you

swallow ill fated malignant alignment to the stuttering killing
bark now, creature
feast thine eye fittingly, snug and wipe it
reap the horror-sorrow even more so
from gory cutting boards you’ve made your fettered bed,
spatter-red of rot speckled born-mirth
i traject you, this taunt fist ramshackle station
i bequeath unto you
the doomsday grim-pilgrim

i sentence you to this
i sentence your divine confinement
chained in veins of red vanity
within these whispering walls of wire
within these worn worlds
within these words of war-weed
stitched and tattled upon lime-night
in mockery box
in mockery mocked box
of faulty stealth interior
inferior, inferior

i sent this cleft wisp
i sentence you to this
i sent this inverted sentence kiss
to you
to finish this
our unfinished

(© by spider hacksaw/ thou shall not covet)


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