prey prayer / spider hacksaw / ©2013

i am a Slave-Consumer in the Kingdom of Capitalism
i have been inoculated to Authentic Freedom
i have been Brainwashed in the Blood of Consumerism
since the moment of my Dawning Age
i am the Fatted Calf of the New Mankind
i am being processed in the name of Consumption
for my eventual Ritual Slaughter
to the God of Greed upon High
Lord Make me your Devourable Servant
in the name and glory of Almighty Avarice
and the Master Hoarder Warriors
of the Seven Holy Corporations
that rule over all
until Time’s Deflation
i Pray to be the best Prey
i can be
now and until i am recycled
Greed be Good
Greed be God

prey prayer / spider hacksaw / ©2013


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