CONVERSATIONAL ETIQUETTE / spider hacksaw / ©2014


TOPIC = Conversation Participant + Conversation Participant (ad infinitum)

The “TOPIC” – of the conversation is what two or more conversation participants are conversing about.

The “CONVERSATION PARTICIPANTS” – are the two or more people engaging in a conversation about the “TOPIC” or multiple “TOPICS”.

The “END OF THE CONVERSATION” – is when one or more of the Conversation Participant(s) can not contribute their own worthy thoughts or feelings to the conversation with regards to the “TOPIC(S)” and thus resort(s) to making one or more of the other CONVERSATION PARTICIPANTS the “TOPIC”.

This is what many people do when they do not have their own valuable or differing ideas or thoughts to contribute to the conversation “TOPIC(S)” and choose instead to call one or more of the CONVERSATION PARTICIPANT(S) names or undermine them personally in some way. Thus making a Conversation Participant into the Conversation Topic. And usually not in a complimentary light. It does no good and contributes nothing to the conversation to praise or belittle another CONVERSATIONAL PARTNER.

This “CONVERSATIONAL PARTNER BECOMES CONVERSATION TOPIC” switch-a-roo is also done when one or more CONVERSATIONAL PARTNER(S), not only have nothing of value to contribute, but also when one or more of the CONVERSATIONAL PARTNERS just wants to win points with another CONVERSATIONAL PARTNER by seeming to side with one CONVERSATIONAL PARTNER over the other. This is not a real “CONVERSATION” but simply just another “US AGAINST THEM” ploy that typically is taking part in the lives of two or more of the CONVERSATIONAL PARTNERS. It is a buddy/buddy attack and defend maneuver that merely serves to engorge the egos of the persons participating in said tactics. Thus making them feel all warm and snugly.

note: TOPICS naturally change and morph and become new things throughout a conversation. Not many conversations stick to one TOPIC. That is the joy and the beauty of a CONVERSATION. However, the conversation is over when one or more of the Conversation Participants turns on one or more of the other CONVERSATION PARTICIPANTS and starts to make the CONVERSATION about one or more of the other CONVERSATION PARTICIPANTS rather than about the original TOPIC or another TOPIC that the CONVERSATION has segued or moved toward.
from: conversational etiquette / by: spider hacksaw ©


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