my phriend morphiend / spider hacksaw / ©2013

my, my, my
morph me my friend, ’tis all it said
morph me my delicious, my vicious, fiend
’tis blood is might obscure lucidity
within me, without me, all around it be

’tis all i need to nummer down
and crawl, creep and slide in two, into, to you
my selfish Hocus-pocus pox, a plague of daisies gay
this languid laughing cadaver of gall
encore, encore, on call

calling my name, carving it hollow
as a vacant banquet, oh my sweet never after
all this sweetly, sickly, salacious laughter
my filthy grimlicious clean-gun viscus
silver sliver, entering river red beds of me
reign in me, a strain in me, remain in me, the stain in me
striking me rich and poverty poor me my more
my idiom or

spitting at the seeming seems
splitting and slashing a dare between us
what it all means to loath-love
and press who-cares kisses
against, across, upon my fallen crest and fleshy-floor

smack, smack, smack, those gentle miniature fists
beneath my ribs, against my core, sweep me under within
this shell of skin, that keeps the cold, and holds the hold
and folds the fold again

thin violence, mercy-me misery-more
to hide the burn marked stars
as i ride the ghoul beams, and glide
to dusk my dizzying deeds
and dawn my blind drawn mind

wanted, weighted, fissure fusion
basking blissful bashful motion
morph me fiend, morph me friend
shall or shan’t we ever mend

our warping mourning, our molten mountain
our mouths agape and lashed half-mast

morph me fiend, my friend morphine
bring exonerated end

again, again, again

(my phriend morphiend)(spider hacksaw)(©2013)


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