spider bites / spide rhacksaw / © / Dec, 02, 2012

Some may perceive acceptance of death, or giving up as negative, but that is maybe because they fear death or think of death as failure, when in fact, we all die, or more importantly we seem to die. Now, i see the positive and negative flows of our existence as a reality within the framework of a world based upon duality. I think that this world would fail to exist without the energies of duality.
It is my observation that all things will become their opposite once they go too far in any one direction. That is the built in compromise, created into our existence, (which science has proven is ultimately an illusion created by the design of our perceptional senses.) Now, in my observances, if positivity or negativity are allowed to continue undeterred in one direction, they will become what they were opposing, which for positivity is negativity and for negativity it is positivity. That is the circle of life, like any other circle of life within the system we inhabit. Any Thing taken to its furthest extent is ultimately its opposite. Relentless, unchecked positivity will become negativity sooner or later, it can’t not. Relentless negativity, unchecked, will become effectively positive, it can’t not. Don’t take my word on this, contemplate it, with parameters of reason and logic, utilizing your own examples and follow them to their extreme. In this world, balance is created by the harmony of dualities living together, and held in check by the circle of existence within the framework of this temporary manufactured reality. To know anything different, is enlightenment and/or finding the exit.


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