ZIMMER-MAN / spider hacksaw / ©2013

repost – in light of recent George Zimmerman activity

© (2013)(spider hacksaw)

It’s a turd! It’s a stain!
just a bumbling Super Zero
and his “save-the-world” scam

Able to leap to conclusions in a single bound!
Able to hunt hoodie wearing young black men,
and shoot them down!

As they roam the streets at night, talkin’ on they cell phone, like ever’things alright! Ever’things a chill zone.
but everything’s different under king George’s Law
everything’s different in king George’s kill zone,
Because for our super zero
every black male’s a defendant
guilty ’til he’s been proven innocent

On they way home from convenience sto’s
across this great nation o’ mine and yours,
dangerous and deadly with they Skittles bag
and they cans of iced tea,
they hoodies hangin’ high,
pants down to the knee,
all you Trayvon Martins,
you betta’ flee!

He’s the heaven-sent hero of the redneck-inbred clan,
He is them and they is he!
He’s their lord and savior, almighty,
and he’s making his stand!
Taking the law, into his own hand!
Don’t call him a racist,
Call him: ZIMMER MAN!

Able to trick and fool those liberal media guys,
as he wins the Fox News Justice-Peace Prize,
with his magical fantastical bullshit cloaking device!
just keep it all tasteless, so nobody gets wise.

Gonna track you down, to stand-his-ground
Gonna take the law into his own hand
Better watch out there, young black man,
He comes assuming that your guilty!
It’s a turd! It’s a stain!

Watch him troll around in his SUV,
self appointed watchman for the whole community,
he ain’t the thing that he’s pretending to be
he’s some creepy-ass cracker
looking for a bad-time, you see.

See him as he parks his Zimmer-Mobile,
goes creepy-crawling all ’round on foot
with his little gun-cock loaded, looking to get real,

matching his cocky attitude
with his strutting-hunting shoes,
gonna get his face stamped “Hero!” on Fox News,
Better watch your Skittles there, and don’t be too tan,
He ain’t no racist! He’s ZIMMER MAN!
Gonna get his glory plastered all across Murdoch Land!
It ain’t about nuffin’ but makin’ his stand!

He even wears a chip on his shoulder
as his super zero disguise,
just to make himself appear arrogantly ignorant,
like any other inbred-redneck guys,
all you black boys, better run and hide
ain’t no protection from guns that shoot lies

It’s ZIMMER MAN! To the race-cue!
When you least expect it, he’s right behind you,
Ready to pounce upon them young black boys
wearin’ all their Shoot-me-please Hoodie noise,
as they stroll about king George’s hood,
littering the world with little Skittle trails,
black boys in hoodies ain’t up to no good.

Whatever you do, young black man, don’t defend yourself,
never go against some creepy-crawly cracker elf,
never use your fists to stand your ground
because some gun hiding inbred-hero
is gonna gun you down!
some gun-concealing redneck-hero
is gonna gun you down,
claimin’ that he was just “Standin’ his Ground”

And another redneck-inbred fantasy prevails
and another inbred-redneck fantasy fails!

He ain’t no racist, he ain’t no Hoodie fan,
It’s a turd! It’s a stain!
Yes, It’s ZIMMER MAN!!!!!

(zimmerman)(copyright2013)(spider hacksaw)
(thou shalt not covet)


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