The Never Meant to Be / spider hacksaw / ©2012 (w/ slight revisions 2015)

you are my chrome sacrifice
my congenital nomad
my sequined grey matter
my sad sad intuitive ignition
my sordid vast antipathy

you are my engulfing refrain
my inconsequential vanquished conscious
my breaking point, my broken want
taunting me with violent silent surrender
my buzzing freezing bleeding treason

you are my ingestion of solemn self ineptitude
my burgundy red regurgitated rapture
my cannibal composure
my right hand of Satan, my left hand of God
my mob soul, my sob glory, my sole sensation

you are my obsolete detachment of self proclaimed banishment
my grave robber reason, my abnormal sentiment
my serious sense of discord
and my darkest spark of tastefully humorless delight

you are my me, and i am your you, as we are our we
those that are now
and forever
the never meant to be

the never meant to be / spider hacksaw / ©2012
(w/ slight revisions 2015)


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