spider hacksaw is a reclusive author/artist/director and is alive&swell @ his lovely madhouse – Noosehearse Asylum – by the sea. His currently available published works ( that have escaped from his mental asylum mind ) include the novels – Dystopia / and/or / A Midsummer’s Nightmare / coming soon to a midnightmare at the theater-in-your-round-skull / His contact with the outside world is through his / art / books / films / music / under your bed / and his henchmen.
spider (LIKE)s / creating things / dreaming / drooling / wearing the latest fashion in straightjackets / telling ghost stories around campfires / sharing nightmares / hanging with his invisible imaginary friends and fiends / having fun / playing rough / Tickle Fight Club / Twister / writing / painting / inventing / find him @ amazon.com/author/spiderhacksaw / FaceBook / Twitter /


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