Blood Font – a revision in reverse (by spider hacksaw)

gonna make a new beginning, get a good start, gonna take this world by storm, gonna pierce your darkness with my heart, gonna scream it to the sages, this is what the gods want, gonna carve my words in the flesh of history, gonna write my love in blood font / It’s all a game until someone loses their mind, it’s all a scream until someone gets left behind, it’s all just a blip on the sonar screen of time / gonna shave my skull grass for the master, gonna cling to my emotional disaster, gonna do it all over again only faster, gonna smooth out what I can’t knot, gonna enter hell alongside the ghosts I haunt, this is what the devils want, gonna starve my soldiers into the pages of history, gonna write with my blood in love font / it’s all a joke until the universe starts to rewind, it’s all for nothing if your not mine, it’s all just a skip in the groove of recorded eternity, it all means nothing if your not here with me / gonna give it all back to the insane, let no one else leave the way we came, gonna repeat my mistakes just the same, forgiveness and acceptance bares no shame, gonna erase my words from this place of misery, it’s all just a drip in this drop of bliss for me, this is what the angels want, for all the living and the dead to see, gonna carve our dying love in blood font, gonna cut out this dying blood in love font, this is what the shadows want, this is what the shallows want, this is what the shadows want…….


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