the nipple twist

well twist my nipples, it’s sockless Sunday, suckers. / leave your footprints in the soft tissue sands of the infinite mind. / this is our time. make it shine until you go blind /( then return your tattered flesh for a rest. completely rewind before you come back to cast yourself as bait and hook upon this open sea of dreamery / and return again to learn and burn so bright ) sockless Sunday, suckers, drink the sin, soak it all in, let the sunshine out through your skin / twist my nipples and make me smile, it’s been so good to know you, this whole while / paint your temples / open your locker skulls/ these days are numbered / let’s be wild / if your nipples don’t get twisted, i’m sorry you missed it / there’s always another life after this one / so shave your skull grass, and squirt your gun / stop ‘n smell the roses as you run / it’s all a game / it’s all for fun / it’s not just a disaster / there’s always an after/ give it a smile / give it some laughter / flip and skip and swim and sin / all by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin / don’t be sorry you missed it, get your heart blistered, what ever’s bucket listed / get twisted / wrong or right / runaway or fight / don’t hold on tight / wave goodbye once you’ve kissed it / and get twisted / it’s a sockless Sunday life / until your feet are blistered / until you’re tombstone listed / get twisted / until your alien visited / get twisted / until you puppet’s been God unfisted / get twisted /

(by spider hacksaw and the verily flawed string-theory-berry jam band)(copyright2012)


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