Parker&Barrow / spider hacksaw / ©2013)

“It begins to ravel undulation day stars
in slight specific holy grammar roots of
demon speculative alienation training
a feeding frenzy flash and stab
eating mobster legs with bib rash for

we giggle drive-by slow through the alley
way shooting slogans from sewing machine guns
wishing this way and that removing
our heads with our hat
we freeze on a dime and turn frame
by frame the layers of clothes we have shorn

a distant maniacal mechanical messenger
has been sent forth
to worry us of impending ploys and leisures’
that shall breach the breaker rocks
and cast us shadowless black entwine
someday soon God shall return our books,
riverbeds and lazy green summer time

where hell will no longer borrow
dragon oxygen of Parker and Barrow
someday soon heaven shall arrive
until then you can
watch me die live.”

(Parker&Barrow)(spider hacksaw)(©2013)


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