unlisted guest / spider hacksaw / ©2013

Vile to the Marrow
let hollow sky unfold
her lashing word
as difficult as it is, this gift
powder speckled cheek and jaw and throat and bone
a broken rhythm in mass salute I find
shovels of guffaws, tittering, teetering
waxing in the wane, strange
flexing vulgar muscle stiletto silhouette
to insane sturdy crow, i am bent down and dancing
back around again to you in turn style
an unlisted guest at this, Crumpled Ball
a gutter beds my skull
in shattered rapture turnstile
trampled in dull moonlit slow veil
foaming at the rocks, red rabid horns below blow
half whittled carved box
nothing leaves me be
nothing cleaves me more
of and to thee
i bequeath some answer
from before
closed door

(unlisted guest(spider hacksaw)(2013)


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