Simon Le Brax / spider hacksaw / ©2015

At Noosehearse Asylum some of the cats stare at the cracks
because they hide ants & rats
& the ghost of a boy named Simon Le Brax
killed one day by rabies from bats
but don’t be sad, don’t take off your hats
for Simon Le Brax was king of the brats
only 14, smoked like a fiend, was covered in tats
huffed glue from old sacks, committed crimes that he blamed on the blacks
didn’t wear underwear, didn’t pay tax, lied all the time, ignored all the facts
left dirty socks lying in stacks, loved all the villains that hated Mad Max
murdered people’s pets then covered his tracks
you can bet your sweet bippy, your kazoo & your sax
that his likeness stands beside Hitler in The Bad House of Wax.

Simon Le Brax / spider hacksaw / ©2015


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