strangeberry flavor / spider hacksaw / ©2015

I’m a dirty dirty whore, if you bore me I’ll snore, you’ll implore me “no more” from the floor like before, be it peace be it war,
but I swear like I swore, I maybe your score, but I ain’t your Macklemore, baby ain’t your Macklemore, that’s for sure,
that’s for shore, I’ve been gored, I’ve been tore, treated like a S’more, like a Body Snatcher spore, lemme return the favor,
w/ some strangeberry flavor, be your saint, be your savior, ain’t never gonna waiver, n’ I’ll make your butt sore w/ my two by four, let’s be bold, let’s explore, go where no man’s gone before, give me all that sweet lovin’ from your sugar honey coven, I’m just a little boy in your candy store, make me dumb, make me dream, gimme more, gimme more, make me come, make me cream, gimme more, gimme more, make me shout, make me scream, I’m a dirty dirty whore, I’m your dirty dog whore,
for an hour evermore.

strangeberry flavor / spider hacksaw / ©2015


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